As a true word a literate women behind every educated family, present day educational environment is not favorable to impart education safely by a women. Present day educational activity adopted by centarn institution apprehended not only harm her education but her future life too, is undoubted fact. To co-memorate the 10th anniversary by this institution, presented a PU women’s college to the community in the interest of providing education to women. Women students obey Islamic pattern o clothings, religious education in a safety environment students approach from distance area are provided with school vehicle facility. Every parent intends that their girls should excel in education, abide by ethics and religious values. By the grace of Allah this is materializing. In Salihath Women’s College every Muslim girls are attaining both Islamic and secular knowledge.

The college offers P.U. Course in commerce with computer science, statistics, as important options along with other regular subjects. It has a good infrastructure and a spacious computer lab and library.