Join, Salihath Group Of Educations

Salihath Group Of Institutions is a chain of progressive institutes based in Thonse,Udupi. We seek educators that are open minded, interdisciplinary thinkers interested in working in a dynamic, technology-rich environment. The Salihath Group Of Institutions is a team of dynamic, forward-thinking individuals that chart MET'S future steps. They bring together research, pedagogic approaches, and curricular advancements from around the world into the Salihath classrooms.

In this changing world, we can no longer expect students to learn how we did ten years ago. Curriculum, instruction, assessment and culture must be relevant and context-driven. Salihath believes in structuring learning experiences that challenge the students and harbor a quest for mastery in them. Through intentional planning, the ELC pilots, tests and implements curricular changes and interventions.

Candidates with experience in building curriculum, planning teacher professional and designing assessments may apply.